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Selected Publications

Project 1: Oxidative DNA damage and its contribution to metabolic health

Simon H, Vartanian V, Wong MH, Nakabeppu Y, Sharma P, Lloyd RS, Sampath H. OGG1 deficiency alters the intestinal microbiome and increases intestinal inflammation in a mouse model. PLoS One. 2020.  15(1):e0227501.

Sampath H and Lloyd RS. Roles of OGG1 in transcriptional regulation and maintenance of metabolic homeostasis. DNA Repair. 2019 81:102667.

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Vartanian V, Tumova J, Dobrzyn P, Dobrzyn A, Nakabeppu Y, Lloyd RS, and Sampath H.  8-oxoguanine DNA glycosylase (OGG1) deficiency elicits coordinated changes in lipid and mitochondrial metabolism in muscle.  PLoS One. 2017.  PLoS One. 2017. 12:e0181687.

Sampath H.  Phenotypes of base excision repair deficient models.  Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis. 2014

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Sampath H, McCullough AK, Lloyd RS.  Regulation of DNA glycosylases and their role in limiting disease.  Free Radic. Res. 2012 46:460-78.

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Project 2: The impact of lipid desaturation on energy homeostasis

Sampath H and Ntambi JM.  The role of stearoyl-CoA desaturase-1 in skin integrity and whole body energy balance.  J Biol Chem. 2014 289:2482-8.

Sampath H and Ntambi JM.  The role of stearoyl-CoA desaturase in obesity, insulin resistance, and inflammation.  Ann NY Acad Sci. 2011 1243: 47-53.

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