July 2019: Harini and Anupom present lab findings at the Gordon Conference on the Molecular Biology of Lipids, held in beautiful Waterville Valley, NH.


July 2019: Rutgers RiSE undergraduate scientist Gloria Awuku presents her summer work from the Sampath lab and wins a 5-minute presentation award!  Congratulations Gloria.

July 2019: Harini’s invited review in DNA Repair is published

“Roles of OGG1 in Transcriptional Regulation and Maintenance of Metabolic Homeostasis”


 June 2019: Harini is inducted into the Scientific Steering Committee of the International Conference on the Bioscience of Lipids (ICBL).

Steering Commitee

April 2019:  Priyanka and Sai both receive travel awards from the Rutgers’ Center for Lipid Research to travel to meetings this year.  Great going!

April 2019: Sai presented the lab’s work and parts of his thesis at the 12th Annual Nutrition, Endocrinology, and Food Science Graduate Student Conference, as an invited speaker.  Well done, Sai!Sai NEFS

April 2019: March 2019:  Graduate student Tasleen got married!  And the whole lab was glad to attend a lovely reception hosted by Tas’ parents.  Thank you for having us, and best wishes to the happy couple!

Tas wedding

At a cake and ‘champagne’ reception in the lab.


Group at Tas weddingThe whole group in Indian (and Chinese) attire, at the wedding reception.  Sampath Lab (above) and the extended lab (below).

February 2019: Postdoctoral Associate Dr. Priyanka Sharma and Harini Sampath publish an invited review in a Special Edition of the journal Cells, focused on mitochondrial DNA integrity and its role in health and disease.

January 2019: 2019 is off to a great start, with Dr. Anupom Mondal being chosen as an INSPIRE associate. The INSPIRE Postdoctoral Program at Rutgers provides mentorship in teaching and career development for postdoctoral fellows. More about the program here:  Congratulations and best wishes to Anupom!

January 2019: Graduate student Bhavya Blaze joins the lab as a doctoral-track student of Nutritional Sciences.  Welcome Bhavya!

December 2018: The lab celebrated many many holiday parties and events and made plans to travel and relax with family and friends for a few days, before beginning anew in 2019!  We wish you all a happy and safe holiday season!


dna christmas tree

November 2018: Sai successfully completes his doctoral qualifiers – Congratulations Sai on officially graduating to be the first doctoral candidate from the Sampath Lab!

Sai Thesis opening

November 2018: The lab presents 2 posters at the Rutgers Center for Lipid Research Lipid Symposium

RCLR group.jpg

October 2018: Harini receives a Research Innovation grant from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation.

October 2018: The graduate students dress up as C57Bl6 and obese Agouti mice for the departmental Halloween event.

Halloween 2018

October 2018: The lab bids a fond and teary farewell to Dr. Mary Falduto – we will miss you!

Mary farewell

October 2018: Harini appears on TV Asia’s Center Stage to talk about Nutrition Trends – How to Interpret Nutrition Guidelines for a Healthier YouTV-Asia 1

October 2018: Sai has a first-author publication in Nature Scientific Reports on the role of mitochondrial DNA repair in adipose tissue and its contribution to body weight regulation.  Great work!

September 2018: Harini co-chairs Session on Metabolism at the 3rd Central European Biomedical Congress in Krakow, Poland and gives a talk on DNA repair as a novel player in metabolic regulation.

August 2018: Tas passes her gruelling qualifiers.  Hooray Tas!

August 2018: Sai and Dr. Sampath attend the Kern Lipid Meeting in beautiful Vail, CO.  After a day of altitude adjustment, Sai presents his work both as a poster and an oral presentation.

Sai at poster at Kern

July 2018: Sai receives a Travel Award from the Kern Lipid Symposium and is chosen to give a short oral presentation.  Great going, Sai!

July 2018: Natalie passes her qualifiers with flying colors.  Congrats Natalie!

May 2018: Dr. Sampath presents the lab’s findings on OGG1 and metabolic disease at the Columbia Lipids Sympsium in NYC.

November 2017: Sai receives a travel award for his poster presentation at the RCLR Symposium.  Yay for Sai!